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Module "application/src/index"


Type aliases


IConnectionLost: (manager: IManager, err: NetworkError) => Promise<void>

A function that handles a connection to the server being lost.


The default implementation shows a simple dialog upon connection failures, but it may be overridden by extensions to perform other actions.

Type declaration


JupyterFrontEndPlugin<T, U, V>: IPlugin<JupyterFrontEnd<U, V>, T>

The type for all JupyterFrontEnd application plugins.

Type parameters

  • T

    The type that the plugin provides upon being activated.

  • U: IShell

    The type of the application shell.

  • V: string

    The type that defines the application formats.


Const IConnectionLost

IConnectionLost: Token<(manager: IManager, err: NetworkError) => Promise<void>> = new Token<IConnectionLost>('@jupyterlab/apputils:IConnectionLost')

A token for which a plugin can provide to respond to connection failures to the application server.

Const ILabShell

ILabShell: Token<ILabShell> = new Token<ILabShell>('@jupyterlab/application:ILabShell')

The JupyterLab application shell token.

Const ILabStatus

ILabStatus: Token<ILabStatus> = new Token<ILabStatus>('@jupyterlab/application:ILabStatus')

The application status token.

Const ILayoutRestorer

ILayoutRestorer: Token<ILayoutRestorer> = new Token<ILayoutRestorer>('@jupyterlab/application:ILayoutRestorer')

The layout restorer token.

Const IMimeDocumentTracker

IMimeDocumentTracker: Token<IMimeDocumentTracker> = new Token<IMimeDocumentTracker>('@jupyterlab/application:IMimeDocumentTracker')

The mime document tracker token.

Const IRouter

IRouter: Token<IRouter> = new Token<IRouter>('@jupyterlab/application:IRouter')

The URL Router token.


Const ConnectionLost

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